Recessed Ceiling Sensor

Product Information

Technical Information
Code NoDetection Distance
Mounting Height
(mm) Ø h
Package Weight
Package Vol.
Pcs/PackInput Voltage (V)Nominal Load (W)Time DelayFrequency (Hz)Detection Degree
31473162,2-466,5x5040,640,68,70,0430220-240800 Incandescent
400 (PLE)
min 10 sn±3 sn
max 15 dk±2 dk
31472662,2-475,7x775570,0425220-240800 Incandescent
400 (PLE)
min 10 sn±3 sec.
max 15 dk±2 min.
Product Features

» It has an error-free detection thanks to its digital control.
» With the buttons on it; distance, brightness level and time settings are made.
» It works day and night at the “Sun” position.
» At the “Moon” position , it only works when the ambient light is below 3 lux.
» Time-Delay indicates how long the light will turn on.
» UV additive polymer injection molded body.
» Mounting brackets are supplied together with the sensor.
» Periodic maintenance is not required

Product Standarts

  • IP 20