İç Sensor +LED Driver

Product Information

Technical Information
Code NoTypeNominal LoadDetection Distance [m]Mounting Height [m]Dimensions [mm] ф abc hPcs/PackPack Volume [m3] Pack Weight [kg] 
314736sensör9-15W Ø=5-15 mt2-4 mt 74x25 mm 50 0,0181 5,3
Product Features
• UV reinforced polymer injection body.
• Ergonomic structure, installation kit included.
• The fuse prevents failure due to overloads.
• Time, distance and luminance level can be adjusted with on-sensor buttons.
• 180˚ sensors can be directed updown, right-left.
• Digital control provides fl awless detection.
• Does not require periodical maintenance.
• Has no harmful effect on the environment and humans during operation