IP65 Sandblasted Glass Sterile Luminaires

Product Information

Body 0,50 mm thick metal frame with electrostatic powder coating
Glass Sandblasted tempered
Reflector Electrostatic powder coated nonyellowing metallic reflector providing optimum diffusion
Technical Information
Code NoPower (W)Luminous Flux (lm)Dimensions ((mm) a b c)Weight (kg)Volume (m3)BasePcs/PackCurrentLamp TypePower FactorRal CodeBalast TypeSize Of The Hole (mm)
5014 29122x182x1300595x295x10021.70.0652G1340.18TL-D>0.959016Electronic575x275
5014 29224x184x1300595x595x10026.40.978G1330.34TL-D>0.959016Electronic575x575
5014 29322x362x32501195x295x10026.40.128G1330.305TL-D>0.959016Electronic1175x275
5011 08722x242x1750595x295x10021.70.0652G540.23TL5>0.959016Electronic575x275
5011 08824x244x1750595x595x10026.40.978G530.43TL5>0.959016Electronic575x575
5011 08322x282x25801195x295x10026.40.128G540,18TL5>0.959016Electronic1175x275
5615 8811423900595x595x1008.20.036-10.350LED>0.959016Electronic575x575
Product Features

Mechanical Specifications

  • 0,50 mm thick metal frame with electrostatic powder coating.
  • Stainless steel latches positioned to prevent falling of the framework.
  • Ceiling tile compatible model including 4 extra brackets for drywall ceiling installations

Electrical Specifications

  • A2 class, low-loss electronic ballast with over 50.000-hours lifetime.
  • Long lamp lifetime due to hot ignition property of the ballast enabling minimum 50.000 switching cycles.
  • Efficient power factor correction immune to fluctuations in grid voltage and providing constant light output.
  • “Halogen-free” internal wiring.
  • Non-flammable connector terminal suitable for 2,5mm² crosssectioned cable installation.

Optical Specifications

  • Electrostatic powder coated nonyellowing metallic reflector providing optimum diffusion.
  • Sandblasted tempered glass high transmission diffuser providing IK08 conditions and resistant to high temperatures and impacts.


  • DALI and corridor function applications.
  • B2 Class Electromagnetic ballast application.
  • Emergency lighting unit application up to 3 hours.
  • Metal suspended ceiling application
Photometric Data
Usage Areas

Product Standarts

  • Derece işareti
  • IP 65
  • Işık hüzmesi
  • EN 60598-2-2