Plant Grow LED Tüp Lamps

Product Information

LED SMD mid power
Body Glass
Optical Cover / Diffuser Opal
Technical Information
Code NoTypePower
Colour Tem.
(mm) a b c
Package Weight
Package Vol.
BasePcs/PackPower Fac. (cos )Colour Ren. In. (CRI)Input Voltage (V)Frequency (Hz)Electrical Connection
315113Plant Grow18Full Spectrum1212x2690,03464175G1325>0.9>80220-24050-60Single Side
Product Features
» LPlant Grow LED Tube is a most ideal solution for vertical farms.
» Plant Grow LED Tube is slim and easy to ınstall which ! ts different growing shelves
» It can retro! t existing # uorescent luminaire easily
» IP65 protection achieved with water-proof end caps

Product Standarts

  • Europe Standard
  • 220-240V