Plastic Lampholders

Product Information

Body Thermal resistant reinforced fiberglass frame
Cable 2,5mm² cross-sectioned silicone coated copper
Lamp Type SON
Ballast Magnetic
Gasket Polyurethane
Technical Information
Code NoTypeWeight (kg)Volume (m3)Pcs/Pack
3110 167Single TMS Lampholder10.0072100
3110 168Double TMS Lampholder20.0072100
3110 177Single Waterproof Lampholder30.0072100
3110 178Double Waterproof Lampholder50.0072100
3110 253Decorative Lampholder Unsprung10.0072100
3110 254Decorative Lampholder Spring1.20.0072100
3110 125G24 with 2 Pim2.30.00378100
3110 126G24 with 4 Pim2.50.00378100
3110 123Lampholder1.20.0072100
3110 124G23 Lampholder1.20.0072100
3110 1212G11 Lampholder1.40.00721100
3110 188G13 Single Waterproof Lampholder40.0144100
3110 189G13 Double Waterproof Lampholder7.50.0432100
3110 161G13 TMS Single Lampholder1.20.0072100
3110 162G13 TMS Double Lampholder2.50.0144100
3110 171G13 Single Ultra Lampholder10.0072100
3110 241G13 Decorative Lampholder Spring0.70.0072100
3110 242G13 Decorative Lampholder Unsprung0.60.0072100

Product Standarts

  • Derece işareti
  • EN-60400