Euro Symmetric Floodlight

Product Information

Body Aluminium injection frame . Stainless steel latches and fittings
Lamp Type HPI-T
Base E40
Ballast Manyatic
Reflector High purity aluminium reflector with metalized coating
Technical Information
Code NoPower (W)Luminous Flux (lm)Dimensions ((mm) a b c)Weight (kg)Volume (m3)BasePcs/PackLamp TypeCapacitor (µF ± 10 250V)
Igniter (W)Ral CodeBalast TypeReflector
5611 2701100080000522x450x180x47090.06156E401HPI-T8510009005MagneticSymmetric
5611 27011000130000522x450x180x47090.06156E401SON-T10010009005MagneticSymmetric
Product Features

Mechanical Specifications

  • Thermal resistant reinforced fiberglass frame.
  • Stainless steel latches and fittings.
  • Angle-adjusted, tilting mechanism enabling directing of light.
  • Polyurethane gasket suitable for temperature changes and environmental conditions

Electrical Specifications

  • EN 60923 - EN 61347-2-9 standards compliant low-loss magnetic ballast.
  • EN 61347-2-1 standard compliant series igniter.
  • EN60238 standard compliant Edison screw lamp holder with lamp fixing screw.
  • EN 61048/49 standards compliant self-discharging capacitor.
  • 2,5mm² cross-sectioned silicone coated copper wire.
  • Removable electrical set (ballast-igniter-capacitor).
  • Hardware compartment designed to function flawlessly under ambient temperature.
  • Non-flammable connector terminal suitable for 2,5mm² cross-sectioned cable installation

Optical Specifications

  • High purity aluminium reflector with metalized coating.
  • IK08 standard compliant, heat and impact resistant, high transmission, clear tempered glass.
  • Symmetrical luminous distribution


  • Magnetic ballast with thermal cutout


Usage Areas

Product Standarts

  • Derece işareti
  • IP 65
  • Işık hüzmesi
  • EN 60598-2-5