High Pressure SON-H Thermal Protection Ballasts

Product Information

Technical Information
Code NoTypePower (W)Dimensions ((mm) a b c)Weight (kg)Volume (m3)Pcs/PackVoltageCurrentLamp TypeCapacitor (µF±10 250 V)Power Factor
5912 1471SON-H110116x64x54x105210.00673162301.30SON-H100.44
5912 1481SON-H210122x78x66x11016.250.0052382302.25SON-H180.46
5912 1491SON-H350135x93x79x12312.50.004142303.60SON-H250.46
Product Features


  • Low Watt-loss, quiet operation thanks to siliceous sheet and automatic packaging system
  • Long-lifetime and low-loss with highly conductive H-class enamelled copper wires
  • Non-flammable plastic components
  • Effective quality control throughout the production process ensuring complete and fault-free production
  • Protection against corrosion with moisture, ozone and dust proof insulating varnish
  • Does not emit high frequency waves and thus problem-free in terms of electromagnetic compatibility and harmless to human and animal life 


  • Production in different voltages (220/230/240) and frequencies (50/60Hz).
  • Production with 155˚C thermal cut-out switch 

Product Standarts

  • Europe Standard
  • Turkish standards compliance certificate.
  • Ukrainian standards compliance certificate.
  • Derece işareti
  • EN 60923 EN 613447-2-9