Constant Voltage IP67 LED Drivers

Product Information

Technical Information
Code NoPower (W)Dimensions ((mm) a b c)Power FactorInput VoltOutput VoltCurrent AIP DegreeFrequency
5918 247060190x40x22>0,6170-264 V125IP6750-60
5918 2480100165x72x45>0,6170-264 V1212IP6750-60
5918 2650150248x72x45>0,6170-264 V246.25IP6750-60
5918 2660200248x72x45>0,6170-264 V248.3IP6750-60
Product Features


  • Constant voltage output unaffected by fluctuations in the mains voltage
  • Voltage output with low tolerance
  • Input line filter
  • Active power factor correction
  • Isolated Output
  • IP20 and IP65 body options

Fields of application

  • Single Chip Led Strips
  • Triple Chip Led Strips
  • Led Bars
  • Constant Voltage Led Modules
  • Led Chain Modules

Product Standarts

  • Europe Standard
  • Voltage – Frequency
  • Derece işareti