Compact Fluorescent Electronic Ballasts

Product Information

Technical Information
Code NoTypePower (W)Dimensions ((mm) a b c)Weight (kg)Volume (m3)Pcs/PackVoltageCurrentLamp TypePower FactorOperating Temperature
5917 2050Compact Electronic1x13114x74x32x105170.03653100220-2400.076PL-C0.98-15/+50 ˚C
5917 2110Compact Electronic2x13114x74x32x105170.03653100220-2400.140PL-C0.98-15/+50 ˚C
5917 2050Compact Electronic1x18114x74x32x105170.03653100220-2400.090PL-C0.98-15/+50 ˚C
5917 2110Compact Electronic2x18114x74x32x105170.03653100220-2400.180PL-C0.98-15/+50 ˚C
5917 2070Compact Electronic1x26114x74x32x105190.03653100220-2400.130PL-C0.98-15/+50 ˚C
5917 2130Compact Electronic2x26114x74x32x105190.03653100220-2400.250PL-C0.98-15/+50 ˚C
Product Features


  • Low active power loss A2 class ballast with warm start extending lamp lifetime.
  • Provides constant and stable light output without being affected by fluctuations in grid voltage (190250V)
  • Voltage and current protected.
  • With a power factor greater than 0.95, no need for power factor correction.
  • No flicker thanks to output frequency of 42 kHz.
  • Removes stroboscopic effect, prevents potential occupational accidents.
  • Does not require a starter.
  • Easy and time saving installation with screwless connectors.
  • May be used together with emergency lighting unit.
  • Intelligent building and automation systems compliant versions available

Product Standarts

  • Derece işareti
  • EN 61347-2-3.png