Why High Ceiling Fixture?

Pelsan draws attention to the effect of lighting on eye health and working comfort while providing efficient and environmental-sensitive lighting with newly produced High Ceiling Fixture Series.

Issued by: Bülent Şener /Electrical-Electronic Engineer
Pelsan Aydınlatma R&D Executive

Cost of the electricity energy is very high from compares to other energy types. Therefore importance must be placed on the subject of consuming electricity. Increasing energy costs and demand for energy has made energy saving compulsory. Importance of the efficient use of energy can be easily seen in our country, which is obligated to import 62% of its energy need and in which, total efficiency of fossil fuelled combined electricity plant is 30%.

It is possible to address energy utilization in our country under three main groups as the industry, buildings (housing and commercial) and transportation. In this context, industry sector has the share of 36% in final energy consumption and 55% in electricity consumption of our country. Moreover, it is estimated that energy consumption shares, which was 36% in year 2000 will be 46% and 56% respectively in years 2010 and 2020. On the one hand our industry sector has high energy saving potential, but on the other hand most of energy consumed in industry is commercial energy. This has caused to prioritize our industry sector in our energy saving studies.

In industrial facilities where energy is used heavily, most of consumption is used for lighting. Thus, latest technological developments must be evaluated for lighting. It is now inevitable to make lighting designs and prefer new generation lamps by considering not only the lighting requirements, but also the eye comfort and occupational and worker health.

High Ceiling Fixtures manufactured by Pelsan Aydınlatma offers an alternative for the places illuminated by using high pressure lamps such as warehouses, industrial facilities, large retail sales stores, sports fields, swimming pools, production facilities, garages and parking garages and subway stations. High ceiling fixtures with T5 lamps, which provide more efficient and environmental friendly lighting compared to high pressure system, create a homogenous lighting without causing glare and provides a safer environment for the employees.

Specially designed reflector of the series, which is made of aluminium anodized with 99,98 percent pureness and prevents glare, does net get yellow and oxidized. Therefore its optical performance does not reduce. It gives light return by 85-90 percent. Electrostatic powder painted metal frame has many alternatives in galvanized and stainless steel. Thanks to its tempered glass covered with security film, which can be pendant when opened, it can be used safely in high ceilings. Electronic ballast which has a long service life, low power loss, fixed light flux, A1 or A2 energy efficiency class, is used. This makes a contribution to energy efficiency while providing significant amounts of cost advantage to the user. It is dimmable or can be used with an emergency lighting unit since electronic ballast is used. The fixture, which can be directly connected to the ceiling, can be drooped by means of a chain or can be connected to the ceiling cable tray if desired.

High ceiling fixtures which shift to 100% luminousness level when there is a movement around, do not leave the place under complete darkness when the movement is over, thanks to the corridor function. Depending on the preference, it keeps the ambient at a dusky level continuously or brings it to a dusky light level at first, then ensures turning off of fixtures at the end of the desired period. Thus, it increases the feeling of trust of people to than environment by providing a safe illumination in environments such as warehouses, parking garages and similar ones. Since it is no more necessary to run fixtures at 100% luminousness level for preventing leaving the environment under darkness, energy saving up to 70% is obtained in 24 hours.

Another option used in high ceiling fixtures is the daylight sensor. With this system, which is used with dimmable electronic ballasts, light outputs can be adjusted depending on the data received from the sensor with no needs to make any switching on the fixtures. Thus, luminousness level of the ambient is maintained at desired level and serious energy saving is ensured by benefiting from the sun, which is our biggest energy source, at maximum level.

Advantages of the New Generation High Ceiling Fixtures

• Light Return
Thanks to the high quality aluminium and refracting angles in T5 high ceiling fixtures, light return over 85% is ensured.

• Glare
Glare risk is low in T5 high ceiling fixtures as the result of homogenous light distribution. It increases sight comfort of the employees.

• Colour Rendering
Colour rendering (Ra) in T5 lamps is between 85-90 Therefore the colours of an object are perceived closer to the original at places where T5 system is used.

• Sight Comfort T5 lamps have different colour temperatures (2700K-3000K-4000K-5000K-6500K). Therefore, sight comfort is ensured with lamp options with temperatures close to daylight.

• Energy Saving
• Since T5 high ceiling fixtures may have dimming feature, desired lighting level can be set during the day.
• Thanks to the integrated sensor offered optionally in T5 high ceiling fixtures, daylight gives reaction according to the movements in the environment and ensures energy saving by performing dimming and system on-off automatically.
• There is no cooling requirement since the heat emitted by T5 high ceiling fixtures is very low.
• Electronic ballasts used in T5 systems do not require use of condenser (Cosø > 0.95)
• T5 lamp life is 20.000 hours. Maintenance cost is low.
• Optical stability of T5 lamps does not fall under 90% throughout their lifecycles.