The Record Holder Vehicle Of Yıldız Technical University On Its Way To New Victories Under The Sponsorship Of Pelsan Lighting

The presentation of the solar energy assisted electrical vehicle created by Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Ae2 Project team and sponsored by Pelsan Lighting that has shattered all the records took place in historical Otag-I Hümayun building.

YTU Ae2 Project team which holds the Turkish record with their previous vehicle with a covered distance of 437 kilometres with 1 kWh (35 kr) electricity has succeeded in increasing this distance to 700 kilometres with their new vehicle.

Their record shattering vehicle of the Ae2 Project team was seen off to Netherlands after a ceremony to participate in the Shell-Eco Marathon in the category of “prototype battery fed electric vehicles” that will take place between 15-19 May in Rotterdam.

The famous singer Keremcem, who previously took part in an Eco-Marathon “special category” competition to raise attention to fuel efficiency, participated at the ceremony to support the YTU team. Keremcem who explained his memoirs of Eco-Marathon at the presentation ceremony, gave a training on road safety.

The new vehicle that was unravelled after nearly one year of work at high pressure has the same automatic brake system with cars which are worth thousands of dollars as well as wireless in-vehicle communication system and telemetry system that provides data transfer in the same way as the Pit area. With such features, the vehicle that was prepared by YTU students is aiming to get a prize at Eco-Marathon race in the fields of safety and design.
As Pelsan Lighting, we wish success to the Ae2 Project Team at the Eco-Marathon races to which we gave our support for the work entitled “Energy Efficiency in the Roads” at the 5th Energy Efficiency Expo.