The Newest Switch Socket Series KEIRA

New Keira switch and socket series combining aesthetics and safety will make a difference with rich product options and different colour alternatives...

Pelsan Aydınlatma's new switch socket series Keira took its place among trendy square switches. Simplicity and elegance of square ensures a good harmony between shape and efficiency with its internal mechanism that has been re-designed completely. Keira, entire mechanism of which has been re-designed in consideration of safety and installation easiness, adds a safety elegancy to life with its minimal lines.

Keira Switches and Sockets are Safe!

Safety is given particular importance in switch and socket mechanisms of Keira switches and sockets.
• No fire risk with Keira: Sub-modules protecting terminals of Keira switches and sockets are made of polycarbon (PC). PC raw material is resistant to 850 degrees. Keira switches and sockets can be used safely for a long time.

• Keira is problem-free: Thanks to the silver in the contacts of Keira Switches, it is possible to perform turn on-off operations far beyond the standards. Thus, they can ben used for a long time without causing any problems.

• No blackout with Keira: No spring is used in the terminals of Keira grounding socket. Spring is used for strengthening the terminal which is weak and it loses its function in time. This prevents full contact of the plug to the socket. In Keira grounding socket, a special spring-free terminal structure is used. The plug is retained stronger thanks to this terminal structure.

• No detaching sockets with Keira: Clamp system of Keira grounding sockets is different. While using grounding sockets at homes, they remove from their conduit boxes in time but thanks to this clamp system, socket grasps the junction box stronger and do not remove from it.

• No electrical shock with Keira: Connection shells of Keira Switches and Sockets are conic. Insulation of the cables passing through the slot during the connection leans against the conic slot for ensuring that live end remains outside, which provides protection against electrical shocks.

Keira Switches and Sockets are easy to install!

• Keira’s installation time is short: Keira Switches and Sockets easily fit into the junction box without loosing the clamp screws and this shortens the installation time. One of the most important problems that are faced by the electricians is to lose time while installing by loosing the clamp screws and re-screwing them.

• Re-installation is easy with Keira: In Keira Switches and Sockets there is a spring instead of a rubber band around the clamps. Rubber band spoils in time. It causes problems for the electrician during re-installation.

• You don't get injured while installing Keira: Plastic clamp protections on the clamps of Keira switches and sockets do not cause injuries with their special design.

• Problem-free installation with Keira: Cable mounting screws are combi screws that are suitable for use with a cordless screw driver and since they can be used with both flat and Philips screwdrivers, the installation period is short.

• No connection failure with Keira: There are alignment channels in frames used for the multi-frames of Keira switches and sockets. 72 mm standard related to multi-frames is complied thanks to these channels. Thus, connection errors are minimized while the switch is allowed to run more comfortably.

• No surprises with Keira: Neon lights are generally used in light switches. When a switch lighted with neon light is used for energy saver lamps, it completes the circuit and activates the lamps at an undesired time. Card LED system is used for Keira switches. When it is used for energy saver lights, Keira light switch does not blink, trip when the circuit is off.

• Be flexible in installing Keira: In Keira Switches and Sockets horizontal and vertical frames are same. Therefore flexibility is ensured depending on the area of use.