Pelsan's Night of Pride

Under the Recognition and Appreciation System that has been started to be implemented by Pelsan Human Resources Department since 2011, successful projects that have been completed in one year and their owners were rewarded.

The Recognition and Appreciation System which aims to determine any effort and behaviour that contribute to the target strategies of the company within the year and to reward employees that have contributed, plays an important role in making employees to get the habit of project based working.

Pelsan Awards 2012 was performed at I.B.B Atakent Cultural Centre on 19 March 2013. The night, in which the employees were rewarded in Product Development, Creativity and Innovation, The Project of the Year, Customer Satisfaction, Team of the Year and Reşit Göğüş Special Award, attracted great attention.

The night attended by 476 employees of Pelsan family and special guests, was hosted by Pelsan Board Chairman Reşit Göğüş, Board Members Yiğit Göğüş and Yurdem Göğüş Çoruhlu. After the opening speeches and presentation of the awards, Percussion master Engin Güney and "Ritme Işık Tutanlar" percussion group formed by Pelsan employees took the stage in the finale of the night.

The percussion show performed by the group taking the stage together, in the finale of the night directed by team work, team spirit and synergy topics, expressed the meaning and importance of the night in the best way. Choosing the instruments from among Pelsan road and street fixtures, garden and yard fixtures, etanj fixtures and office fixtures was one of the surprises of the night. Pelsan Ritme Işık Tutanlar team, accompanying Zilli, the first and only women percussion group of Turkey, who took the stage after the solo performance of the group, moved the crowd. The magnificent show continued with the body percussion made by the audience of 500 people led by Engin Güney. The giant orchestra of 500 people formed with Pelsan products distributed to the audience, accompanied Zilli Band and marked the award night.