Pelsan met with the Suppliers in its 30TH Year...

Pelsan Aydınlatma, which is among the leading manufactures of the lighting industry in Turkey, came together with its Suppliers during the 11TH of the Supplier Meetings, which was the first in the industry.

"Pelsan Aydınlatma Supplier Meeting", in which Pelsan Aydınlatma bring together the companies from whom it procures products and services and which is the first in the industry, was held for the 11TH time. Representatives of 100 companies who are suppliers of Pelsan Aydınlatma and Pelsan executives attended to the meeting held in Marriott Hotel Asia, Istanbul.

During the Supplier Meeting which is organized every year as an indication of management approach based on quality, communication and cooperation, activities pertaining the year 2011 were assessed and targets and estimations related to year 2012 were shared.

In the organization which is the only supplier meeting that has become a tradition in the industry, smooth running of the supply chain which plays an important role within the total quality understanding, was emphasized as one of the most important factors behind the success of Pelsan brand. In this context, thank you plaques were presented to the supplier companies who were selected as the result of the evaluation made among Pelsan employees from the executives and storekeepers.

Pelsan Aydınlatma Board Chairman M. Reşit Göğüş, who made the opening speech of the meeting, shared his expectations from the supplier companies and 2012 targets. Mr. Göğüş, mentioning that important steps had been taken on the road towards institutionalization, emphasized moving to a new factory as the most important project of the previous year. He expressed that they had established a new electronic facility, created a R&D department and started etudes for a fully equipped lighting laboratory with the area of 1000 m2. Mr. Göğüş, speaking about the fact that the second generation's de facto leading of the business would play an important role in future investments of Pelsan, finished his speech by thanking to his suppliers, employees and customs, whom he owed the success of 30 years.

Yurdem Göğüş Çoruhlu, who is the deputy general director of Pelsan Aydınlatma responsible from marketing, evaluated the Lighting Industry in the World and Turkey, on the basis of the figures of the research that they have conducted, during the presentation. Göğüş Çoruhlu, explaining the new human resources, IT and supply chain structure of Pelsan, shared 2012 targets of the company with the suppliers. Gçğüş Çoruhlu, emphasizing that the competition will not be among the companies any more but among the supply chains, told about the importance of cooperation in every ring of the supply chain.

Supplier company representatives, who watched the seminar of Prof Dr.Kerem Alkin, Lecturer at the Department of Banking and Finance in Commercial Sciences Faculty at Istanbul Trade University and Director of Bloomberg HT Television Channel, on the evaluation of COMMODITY markets, left for meeting next time after the feast had following bilateral negotiations.