PELSAN Lighting has gathered with its suppliers for the 13th time…

Pelsan Lighting which is one of the leading producers of the lightning sector in Turkey has held the 13th of its yearly Suppliers Meeting on June 5th 2014 in Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia.
Pelsan Lighting Suppliers Meeting, the first suppliers meeting in the Lighting sector, is an event organized each year by Pelsan Lighting to gather the firms from which it procures products and services. This year it was attended by more than 100 representatives of supplier firms and Pelsan Directors.

During the Suppliers Meeting which is organized each year, demonstrating Pelsan Lighting’s approach to management by focusing on quality, communication and cooperation, the works and developments realized in 2013 were assessed while 2014 objectives and forecasts were shared with the suppliers.

During the event which has the characteristic of being the sole traditional suppliers meeting in the Lighting sector, it was emphasized that the supply chain which holds an important place in the Pelsan Lighting’s total approach to quality, is one of the major factors behind the success of the firm. In this context, a Thank You Plaque was presented to the selected supplier firms following an assessment made amongst the whole of Pelsan employees; from the warehousemen to top management.

Pelsan Lighting Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Reşit Göğüş who made the opening speech of the meeting, shared his views on Pelsan Lighting’s expectations from the supplier firms and 2014 objectives. Göğüş ended his speech by thanking the firm’s suppliers, employees and clients expressing that they owed to them their past 32 years of success.

Deputy Director in charge of Marketing of Pelsan Lighting, Yurdem Göğüş Çoruhlu, made a presentation evaluating the developing lighting market, Turkey’s latest position on energy efficiency and the changing “smart home” concepts. Çoruhlu shared the works realized by the company in 2013 and the first half of 2014 with the suppliers, mentioning that Pelsan is in a period of change parallel to the change in light sources; explaining about the research works, accredited laboratory works and researches, latest designs exclusively for LED products, lighting and electricity integration that has manifested through LED technology and the LED road and environment lighting projects they realized with Tubitak (The scientific and technological research council of Turkey).

The program continued with a presentation made by the Supply Chain Manager Serkan Sancak on “Pelsan Lighting’s Procurement Policy” followed by a presentation by R&D Manager Bülent Şener on LED, superiority of LED and the latest LED products; including a presentation on various LED Lighting projects.