Pelsan Employess and Shareholders Meet Each Other in The 11th Economic Seminar

Pelsan Aydınlatma, being one of the leading manufacturers in the lighting industry in Turkey, has conducted 11th traditionaleconomic seminar organized annually on 25th January 2014 in Sheraton İstanbul Maslak Hotel.

An Academic Member of İstanbul Commerce University, Ph. D. Professor Kerem Alkin has informed participants with his presentation on "Economic Survey 2013 and General Overview of 2014" in the "11th Pelsan Economic Seminar" which has been organized since 2002 by Pelsan Aydınlatma in order to inform its employees and shareholders about recent economic and industry-specific developments. All participants have been informed of such matters as US Dollar's, Euro's and Turkish Lira's progresses within the year, end-year inflation expectations, the growth performance of the Turkish Economy, and differences between manufacturing industry in Turkey and those in China, America and Euro area in the seminar where Ph. D. Kerem Alkin has interpreted the potential developments in the Turkish and world economy in 2014.

M. Reşit Göğüş, the chairman of the executive board said "We are very glad to provide information to our shareholders and employees participating from far and wide about economic situation of our country and developments in the sector with the Economic Seminar we have been conducting for 11 years in a row." in the seminar where top-level managers and employees from Pelsan Aydınlatma meet their shareholders and sector representatives attending from various areas in Turkey. And he added "Besides, I am very proud of sharing suche good news with you that we are one step closer today to our target to represent our country in the global brands league with the products produced in Turkey 100% by Turkish engineers and workers along with our new production plant which we will start building in 2014."

Seminar continued with the presentation of the Assistant General Manager in Charge of Sales, Yiğit Göğüş. Mr. Göğüş, in his presentation, has remarked on such points as collaborative projects together with the universities, separation of conventional R&D department from LED R&D department, new product development projects carried out in collaboration with the Tübitak, importance attached to young engineers by them, and that they have trained executive candidates for the next term in the Pelsan, employing students attending to university part-timely in the first place within their body under the favor of PMTP (Pelsan Management Trainee Program).