Pelsan Economy Seminar is 10 Years Old

Pelsan Aydınlatma, which is among the leading manufactures of the lighting industry in Turkey, set light to 2013 during the Economy Meeting that has been organized subsequently for 10 years.

Pelsan Aydınlatma, which is one of the well-known domestic manufactures of Turkey, performed the Economy Seminar that it organizes conventionally, for the 10th time on 1 December 2012 at Maslak Sheraton Hotel. The seminar bring together stakeholders, sectorial representatives, press members coming from different regions of Turkey with Pelsan employees continued whole day with a wide attendance.

Chairman of the Board Reşit Göğüş, who made opening speech of the seminar, evaluated past, present and future plans of Pelsan Aydınlatma. Mr. Göğüş, underlining that Pelsan Aydınlatma came from the coalface of the business, indicated that as of today, Pelsan Aydınlatma had become a domestic manufacturer that had aligned with the the line of institutionalization and increasing export targets day after day.

Deputy General Director Responsible from Sales, Yiğit Göğüş, who took the stage at later stage of the seminar, gained interest with the presentation in which he explained rising figures in 2012. Mr. Göğüş, expressing that they had realized 30% growth in export, indicated that they reached total of 476 employees and had been making export to 62 countries. He mentioned about the new factory, mew products, new project department and marketing activities as well as the developing R&D infrastructure and investment and investments made in electronic product development.

With the participation of Istanbul Ticaret University Lecturer Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin, this year's main theme of Pelsan Economy Seminar that has been organized since 2002 was the 'Economical Assessment of the Year 2012 and Overview of 2013'. In the seminar, where Prof. Alkin interpreted possible developments in Turkish and world economy, all participants obtained information on topics such as the flow of dollar, euro and lira rates within the year, year-end inflation expectation, growth performance of Turkish Economy, difference between Turkish manufacturing industry and China, America and Euro zone. Prof. Alkin, emphasizing that the growth is expected to gain speed starting from the last quarter of the year and bucket rate variability has decreased significantly, made estimations for the next year. In the contest made among the participants in line with these estimations 5 Pelsan dealers, who got the closest values in the estimations, were presented various gifts by Pelsan executives.