Pelsan Aydınlatma Has Left Its Mark with New Generation Led Lighting Fixtures at Led Exhibition

Pelsan Aydınlatma, combining its lighting experience of 30 years with today's electronic technology, attended LED and LED Lighting Exhibition organized for the ninth time at Istanbul Exhibition Centre on the dates between 26-29 September 2013, with its new generation LED Fixtures.

Pelsan Aydınlatma launched new generation and domestic production LED products added to its product range of more than 3000 to its visitors at its stand at LED and LED Lighting Exhbition. It made impression with the LED light sourced road and street fixtures, park and garden fixtures, projectors, industrial fixtures and office fixtures product groups exhibited in the exhibition. Pelsan Aydınlatma stand took its place among the most attractive stands of the exhibitions with the fixtures are manufactured by adopting "Total Saving Concept" considering not only the saving obtained in the light source, but also the fixture yield and control systems.
Pelsan Aydınlatma, offering its consumers the opportunity of reach all needs related to lighting with its wide product range and project design service, realizes the most suitable lighting for the places with real saving rates by offering the most accurate solutions with its new generation LED light source fixtures as well as the design- moulding- dimensioning- flexible production structure and project design behind these fixtures.

Pelsan Aydınlatma, represented at the Exhibition by great number of people including Pelsan Aydınlatma Board Members, domestic sales representatives, export department, R&D department and marketing department, shared detailed information with the visitors about its products. Pelsan Aydınlatma, the new catalogue of which, wherein technical details of the new LED light source fixtures are explained, was appreciated greatly by the visitors, proved that it supports its products by sharing the results of the measurements performed at the laboratory under its body. Pelsan Aydınlatma hosting a great audience including leading names of the industry and business world as well as academicians, students, many of its customers coming from inland and abroad at its stand, also undertook the main sponsorship of LED Contest organized simultaneously with the exhibition.