Pelsan Aydınlatma Exhibited Recta at Construction Fair

Pelsan Aydınlatma bring its new product, RECTA together with its customers during the Construction Fair that it attended last month.

Pelsan Aydınlatma, which is among the biggest manufacturers of the Lighting Industry, captured the opportunity to meet with its potential customers especially in project channel by attending to the Construction Fair organized at Tüyap Congress and Exhibition Centre on the dates between 2-6 May.

Pelsan, which came forefront during the exhibition with the High Ceiling Fixture that would bring energy saving to the user, LED system Park Garden Fixtures, Recta Fixture that can extend infinitely, chose its products from among those that could be generally used by architecture and project companies. Pelsan, not considering Energy Saving as replacing the lamps only, asserts that illuminated environment and lighting fixture must be handled together within the concept of an integral saving concept.

RECTA FIXTURE, which was brought to the fore during the fair, is a product preferred in places where glare-free illumination is desired with a continuous light strip. It accords with both classical and modern places with its thin and plain design. Light gliding from opal reflector do not cause glare on computer screen and only illuminates the are where the work is done thanks to its thin and long body. The feature of the fixture is that the florescent is arranged inside the body in a way that will not cause silhouette. It offers wide placement and using options suitable for architecture.

Main areas of use are executive offices, open plan offices, meeting rooms, lobby, corridor, passages and similar general areas, long galleries and conference halls. It has been used in business centers, office sections of the factories, shopping centers, indoor sports halls and hospitals for now in the industry.

Recta is made of aluminum extrusion body and has an opal cover. It has hanging, concealed and surface mounted types. T5 28/35/49/80W T5 florescent and 3 chip stripe LED can be used as lamp. Recta is composed of 3 main parts which are the first fixture, intermediate fixture and final fixture. The first fixture is followed by intermediate fixtures in desired number. Final fixture is placed at the end of the desired length. It can be dimmed or used with emergency lighting kit. It has 1.5 m hanging apparatus as an accessory.