New Road Fixture of Pelsan Aydınlatma: "Paris"

Pelsan Aydınlatma's new road and street fixture Paris meets all requirements of the specification!

With MYD/95-009.B specification, which entered into force in 2006 and took its current version later by revision on March 2009, purchasing of fixtures that were capable of inserting mercury vapour lamps was stopped in our country and new fixtures where sodium vapour lamps were used, were started to be purchased. 15% less energy and nearly 25% more light flux have been obtained by using sodium vapour fixtures only.

Pelsan Aydınlatma's new road and street fixture Paris is equipped in a way that it meets all requirements of the specification. While the aluminum injection body feature ensures long life for the fixture, continuous IP protection keeps maintenance costs low throughout the service life. Thanks to the special optical design, it emits safe and controlled light with high efficiency, glare control and maximum light angle. Special ventilation stripe on the lamp holder, lamp heat discharge can be made easily.

It has an aluminum injection console apparatus produced specially in ᴓ42 and ᴓ60 for concrete and wood poles. It can be easily mounted on the pole. Glass of Paris road illumination fixture is annealed at 700 degrees, does not break apart and go into pieces or break in large pieces, protected against heat and impacts and does not reduce fixture efficiency thanks to the tempered glass.

Thermal protected, copper coil, low energy loss, high pressure sodium vapour ballasts and time adjusted serial igniters manufactured by Pelsan Aydınlatma are used in Paris Road Illumination Fixture. All components used inside of it has international quality certificates.